Technical Director

  • Job ID:V-746
  • Posted:04/09/17
  • Type:Permanent
  • Salary:Highly Competitive
  • Location:London

Our Client enables organisations to minimise risk, improve how they operate and embrace change and opportunities. Specifically they monitor 3G advertising in 20 countries – mobile web, in-app and social media and clients include some of the leading global mobile operators and content providers.

What that means will be different in every case, but areas where they have helped include;

  • monitoring Regulatory Compliance of organisations, their clients and services
  • harnessing technology to provide solutions and tools
  • testing services, both prior to launch as well as in-life
  • managing aspects of Customer Care

Purpose of Job:

To lead and manage all technical aspects and technological resources of the company for the purpose of business success and growth. Understands opportunities and challenges from the company’s marketplace and drives the company’s technological development.

The ideal candidate will probably be a head of development/lead developer looking for their first Directorship and be familiar with affiliate marketing, digital marketing and/or payments.

Principal Accountabilities (responsibilities and duties):

  • Works with client-facing teams, to understand, anticipate and leverage current/future opportunities and challenges from Company's market
  • Conducts research to improve the technological understanding and capabilities of Company. Explores new tools and methodologies to ensure usage of up to date applications, services and products.
  • Evaluates business needs and makes recommendations for optimal technological solutions
  • Plans, specifies, resources and oversees technological development, in line with such business needs
  • Oversees technology project plans & budgets to minimise any delays or overspend
  • Consistently evaluates technical efficiency and makes changes as necessary
  • Considers how technology and market reach can mesh to enable new opportunities for the Company

Key Success Areas:

  • On time on budget delivery of development projects
  • Utilisation/implementation of up to date technologies
  • Improved service delivery
  • All systems backed up and non penetrable

Skills and Qualifications

  • Consideration and assimilation of complex business and technological needs
  • Working in a very dynamic and fast changing marketplace (digital marketing and affiliate marketing)
  • Since the role involves overseeing software development and coding, direct knowledge of this is required.
  • In-depth knowledge of IT concepts, strategies and methodologies and their application to business opportunities.
  • Project planning, organisational buy-in, management of internal and external tech resources
  • Experience of Digital Marketing, in particular Affiliate Marketing, would be beneficial
  • Experience of Mobile, in particular Payments, Content, Value Added Service, would be beneficial
  • Proven Experience and successes in leading and driving technical development, managing a team of developers, ops people and external contractors
  • A good understanding of a tech stack which comprises of nodeJS and mongoDB hosted on AWS. Also Django, Python, MySQL which are hosted on DigitalOcean - NodeJS experience (or vanilla Javascript experience) is probably most important, Python and Django are a bonus 


Candidate employed by Orange Labs

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Kashif Chaudhry - Orange Labs

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